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logoTetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy (TEG)Version: v0.1.0

The Cloud Native Load Balancer

Envoy is one of the leading Cloud Native projects in the world, and is being deployed widely at all scales: from Google to Ebay and Visa to small startups. While a lot of Envoy's growth has been driven by service mesh adoption — Istio relies on Envoy to deliver all of its core functionality — Envoy was born as an ingress load balancer.

Envoy Gateway (EG) is a project driven by the Envoy community to make Envoy easy to use and operate for ingress. It focuses on ease of use, and making the common case easy and leverages the Kubernetes Gateway API for managing Envoy and exposing applications. Tetrate helped start the EG project and continues to invest in it heavily.

Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy (TEG) is about bringing Envoy Gateway to enterprise by providing:


Learn about the Envoy Gateway architecture, the Gateway API for configuring traffic, and the components TEG deploys to enable rate limiting, authentication, and CVE assurance.

Get Started

Tetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy (TEG) targets the following journeys as first-class experiences; check out the walkthrough for each: