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logoTetrate Enterprise Gateway for Envoy (TEG)Version: v0.1.0


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TEG Versioning

TEG follows a semantic versioning model based on This means we use a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version numbering style (e.g. v1.4.0).

This model describes that:

  1. MAJOR version is incremented when incompatible API changes are made.
  2. MINOR version is incremented when new features are added.
  3. PATCH version is incremented when bug and security fixes are handled.

TEG Supported Versions

The following versions of TEG are currently supported and will receive active bug fixes and security patches:

TEG VersionRelease DateEnd of Support
v0.1.021st September 202321st December 2023

Kubernetes and Gateway API Support Matrix

TEG targets specific versions of Kubernetes and the Gateway API; below are the supported versions of Kubernetes and the Kubernetes Gateway API. Note that because the Gateway API is actively evolving, TEG requires relatively current versions of Kubernetes.

TEG VersionKubernetes VersionsGateway API
v0.1.0v1.25, v1.26, v1.27v0.7.1

Component Version Matrix

TEG is composed of multiple components: Envoy Gateway, Envoy, Redis, and Rate limit service. The following version of each is used by each version of TEG:

TEG VersionEnvoy GatewayEnvoyratelimit service

Note that Tetrate does not provide production support for Redis — for serious usage we recommend you bring your own (supported) Redis.

In a demo, unsupported, deployment, TEG uses the following versions of each software:

TEG VersionEnvoy GatewayEnvoyratelimit serviceRedisPrometheusGrafanaTempo