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Prepare an EKS cluster

To install Istio on an Amazon EKS cluster, you need to download and configure eksctl and AWS CLI with your active AWS account.

Once you have eksctl and AWS CLI configure, you can create a cluster. For example:

eksctl create cluster --nodes 3

This deploys an Amazon EKS cluster with three nodes in your default region.

Kubernetes context

To install Istio on an Amazon EKS cluster, you need to set up the Kubernetes context. If you create your cluster using command line, your Kubernetes context is automatically set. However, if you created your cluster using AWS Management Console UI, you need to set the context manually.

Ensure your AWS CLI is properly configured. Then, run the following command:

aws eks --region REGION update-kubeconfig --name CLUSTER_NAME

Where REGION is the region where you deployed your cluster and CLUSTER_NAME is the name of your cluster.

You can verify your cluster, for example, by running the following command:

kubectl get svc
Output from kubectl get svc
kubernetes ClusterIP <none> 443/TCP 3d18h