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Integration with Apache SkyWalking

Learn how to install Apache SkyWalking and integrate it with Istio to gain observability

This is a quick start for Istio integration with Apache Skywalking in your environment .

For the detailed steps please refer to the blog article on Apache Skywalking website.

In summary:

  • Deploy Istio using istioctl and enable Access Log Service (ALS):

    istioctl install --set profile=demo \
    --set meshConfig.enableEnvoyAccessLogService=true \
    --set meshConfig.defaultConfig.envoyAccessLogService.address=skywalking-oap.istio-system:11800
  • Label the application namespace with

    kubectl label namespace <namespace> istio-injection=enabled
  • Deploy Apache SkyWalking and the Application per the blog post

  • Monitor your application via SkyWalking WebUI