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Container Registry

Tetrate Istio Container Registry

Tetrate distributes container images from the following registries:

unauthenticated access
Require TIS credential
containers.istio.tetratelabs.comTID Istio images under community supportYesNo
fips-containers.istio.tetratelabs.comTID Istio FIPS images including backportsNoYes TID Istio images under premium level support
- Extended CVE backports
- TIS addons
TIS credential

A TIS credential, also known as an entitlement token, consists of a username and password and is provided to TIS subscribers. To obtain a TIS credential, please reach out to your Tetrate account manager.

Registry Selection

  1. If you are using TID Istio and are not a TIS subscriber, utilize No credentials are required in this case.

  2. If you are a TIS subscriber, opt for This registry provides access to TID Istio images, extended CVE backports, and TIS addons. Ensure you have valid TIS credentials when using this registry.

  3. If you are a TIS subscriber and require FIPS images, select Valid TIS credentials are necessary for access.

For further information regarding TID and TIS, please consult the Support and Maintenance section.