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Tetrate Istio Subscription / Istio Distro Support and Maintenance

Supported Versions

Tetrate Istio distributions are builds of the community Istio distributions, with a longer support and maintenance window:

The current Tetrate support dates are:

VersionCommunity End-of-Support DateTetrate End-of-Support Date
1.22Mar 2025 (Expected)2025-05-14
1.21December 2024 (Expected)2025-05-14

Technical Support

Tetrate Istio Subscription

Tetrate Istio Subscription subscribers are entitled to Tetrate's premium support and access to the Tetrate Istio Distro (FIPS) binaries, in addition to longer-term maintenance for Istio releases. Please refer to the support contact details provided to you by Tetrate.

Please note that the FIPS-only Istio subscriptions provided by Tetrate do not include technical support.

Tetrate Istio Distro

For community support, join Tetrate's #tetrate-istio-distribution Slack Channel.

For more information on support options, refer to Tetrate Istio Subscription, or contact Tetrate.

Software Updates ("Maintenance")

A Tetrate Istio distribution is a build of the Community Istio Distribution that is supported and maintained by Tetrate. It is built from the official, open-source Istio Software, and a set of base software images that are selected and maintained by Tetrate.

Each Tetrate Istio distribution release is supported and maintained by Tetrate for up to 14 months:

  • The Istio software and base images are supported by Tetrate (community and Enterprise technical support) for 14 months
  • The Istio software is maintained by Tetrate (updates, bugs and security fixes) in line with Istio maintenance, typically 7 months. Additionally, critical security fixes are backported to earlier supported releases where possible
  • The base images are maintained by Tetrate (updates, bugs and security fixes) for 14 months