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Istio Monitoring


Tetrate Istio Subscription offers an enhanced Grafana dashboard for Istio, building upon the foundation of the Istio Grafana dashboard. These enhancements are crafted based on Tetrate's extensive experience and industry best practices. Tetrate is committed to supporting and maintaining this dashboard, ensuring it remains compatible with the supported TID release.

In addition to the dashboard, TIS Istio monitoring provides a set of recommended alerting rules for Istio, empowering you to configure alerts tailored to your Istio deployment.

Utilizing the Grafana Dashboard

You have two options to make use of the dashboard:

  1. Using demo setup: This option facilitates a straightforward installation of Prometheus and Grafana. After installation, you can seamlessly import the TIS Grafana dashboard and alert rules using the methods described in Configuring Istio Monitoring. This is the quickest way to kickstart your monitoring.

  2. Your own Grafana setup: If you already have a Grafana setup, this option allows you to integrate the Istio dashboard and alerting rules effortlessly using the methods described in Configuring Istio Monitoring. It's ideal for those who wish to augment their existing Grafana environment with Istio monitoring capabilities.

Production Considerations

For production deployments, it's advisable to use your own Grafana setup. The demo setup is primarily intended for demonstration and testing purposes.

Available Istio Dashboards

The TIS Grafana Dashboard encompasses a suite of preconfigured dashboards, purpose-built to monitor both the control plane (istiod pod) and services within the mesh.

  • TIS Control Plane Dashboard
  • TIS Service Dashboard
  • TIS Workload Dashboard
  • TIS Wasm Extension Dashboard

Available Istio Alerting Rules

The TIS Grafana Dashboard includes the following alerting rules:

  • Istio Pilot Error Rate
  • Istio Validation Error Rate
  • Istio Sidecar Injection Error Rate
  • Istio High 4xx Error Rate
  • Istio High 5xx Error Rate
  • Istio High Request Latency
  • Istio Latency 99 Percentile