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Production Recommendation


This section provides instructions on establishing a production environment for Prometheus and Grafana to monitor Istio within your cluster. Alternatively, you may opt for managed Grafana and Prometheus services, such as Grafana Cloud or AWS-managed Prometheus and Grafana services.

Istio Best Practices

For a comprehensive guide on setting up Prometheus and Grafana for production, refer to Using Prometheus for production-scale monitoring.

Performance and Scalability

Consult the Performance and Scalability guide for detailed information on optimizing Istio for production.

Production Considerations

The following points should be taken into consideration when setting up a production environment:

Resource Allocation

  • Prometheus and Grafana can be resource-intensive, particularly with a high volume of service mesh traffic.
  • Allocate dedicated resources (CPU, memory, and storage) for both to ensure consistent performance.
  • Continuously monitor and adjust resource quotas as necessary.

Storage and Retention

  • Plan for data growth. Prometheus stores time-series data, which can accumulate quickly. Consider implementing retention policies or integrating with remote storage solutions (such as Thanos or Cortex) for long-term metric storage.
  • Regularly back up Grafana's configuration and dashboard data.

High Availability

  • To ensure high availability, contemplate running multiple instances of Prometheus and Grafana across different zones or clusters.
  • Consider employing Thanos to establish a highly available Prometheus configuration.


  • Leverage Prometheus's sharding capability to distribute the load across multiple Prometheus instances.
  • Consider employing a horizontally scalable solution like Thanos) to handle a substantial amount of data.

Service Discovery

  • Confirm that Prometheus is appropriately configured to automatically discover all services and workloads within the Istio service mesh.

    Refer to this demo from the Istio project.

  • Keep configurations up-to-date as your infrastructure evolves.

Access Control

  • Secure access to both Prometheus and Grafana with robust authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Restrict access, modification, and deletion of data to authorized personnel only.
  • Utilize network policies to control communication with these tools.