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Istio Registry Sync

Istio Registry Sync is an add-on that extends Istio to synchronize non-Kubernetes service registries with Istio, enabling seamless communication between services regardless of where they are deployed. Supported service registries include:

If you would like support for a service registry not in this list please open an issue in the customer portal.

Use Cases

  • Hybrid Application Integration: In hybrid environments with legacy applications using Consul on-premises and microservices in AWS using Cloud Map, Istio Registry Sync facilitates smooth service discovery across both realms. Furthermore, as applications in Kubernetes with Istio need to communicate with legacy systems, Istio Registry Sync ensures seamless inter-service communication without manual configuration.
  • Dynamic Endpoint Management: In environments where services frequently scale, Istio Registry Sync provides a dynamic and updated service discovery mechanism by rapidly reflecting changes from the configured registry. This ensures accurate traffic management strategies in Istio's service mesh, such as blue-green deployments or canary releases.
  • Unified Monitoring and Security Posture: Integrating services from all environments into Istio, enabling Istio to offer a comprehensive view of service health and metrics. More importantly, it ensures a consistent security protocol across all services, leveraging Istio's security features like mTLS for encrypted and authenticated communication.
  • Multi-Cloud Strategy: For businesses with a multi-cloud footprint, Istio Registry Sync ensures cohesive service discovery across different clouds. It simplifies the complexity of inter-service communication in multi-cloud environments, promoting effortless communication and better resiliency.

How it works

Istio Registry Sync is a Kubernetes controller that watches for changes in configured registries, then creates and populates an Istio Service Entry for each service registered in these registries.