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Container Registry

Tetrate Istio Container Registry

Tetrate distributes container images from the following registries:

unauthenticated access
Require TIS credential
containers.istio.tetratelabs.comTID Istio images under community supportYesNo
fips-containers.istio.tetratelabs.comTID Istio FIPS images including backportsNoYes TID Istio images under premium level support
- Extended CVE backports
- TIS addons
TIS credential

TIS credential is username and password (also called entitlement token) for TIS subscriber. Please contact your Tetrate account manager to get TIS credential.

Choosing Registry

  1. If you are using TID Istio and not a TIS subscriber, use You don't need to provide any credential.
  2. If you are TIS subscriber, use You will be able to get TID istio images, extended CVE backports and TIS addons. You need to provide valid TIS credential.
  3. If you are TIS subscriber and need FIPS images, use You need to provide valid TIS credential.

Refer to Support and Maintenance for more details about TID and TIS.