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TVS is a single binary which is available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Follow the instructions below to download and install TVS on your system.

Download and install TVS

Use curl or wget to download the binary, grant permissions to execute and place it somewhere in your $PATH.


Replace linux-amd64-v1.0.0 with linux-arm64-v1.0.0 in the URL to download the arm64 binary.

To use curl:

mkdir -p ~/.tvs/bin
curl -Lo ~/.tvs/bin/tvs ""
chmod +x ~/.tvs/bin/tvs
export PATH=$PATH:~/.tvs/bin

Or with wget:

mkdir -p ~/.tvs/bin
wget -q -O ~/.tvs/bin/tvs ""
chmod +x ~/.tvs/bin/tvs
export PATH=$PATH:~/.tvs/bin

Verify the installation

To verify the installation, run the following command:


This command will display the help menu for the TVS CLI, outlining available commands and their descriptions. For detailed instructions on how to utilize the TVS CLI, please refer to the Usage Guide.