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Following are list of commands that available in TVS

Accept EULA

Accept the End User License Agreement.

tvs eula


Register to get access token for using TVS.

tvs register --name "<firstname lastname>" --email <>


Scan your Istio cluster for CVEs.

By default, if you are not passing any parameters, TVS will scan the default namespace of the current context.

tvs scan

To scan specific namespace, use --namespace or -n flag.

tvs scan -n <namespace>

To scan specific deployment, use --deployment or -d flag.

tvs scan -d <deployment>

To scan all namespaces, use --all-namespaces or -A flag.

tvs scan -A

To set scan output format, use --output or -o flag. Valid values are json, yaml and table.

tvs scan -o json

To change kubeconfig context, use --kubeconfig flag.

tvs scan --kubeconfig <path-to-kubeconfig>


Show version information.

tvs version


Help about any command.

tvs help


Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell.

tvs completion