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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.6.x

TSB Quickstart


The Quickstart is written to walk you through application onboarding and configuration of your application on TSB. By reading the quickstart, you are going to learn how to deploy your application and how to configure TSB and its components for various basic scenarios.


  • Deploy an Application In this quickstart page, you're going to deploy a sample application in a demo TSB environment and validate the success using the TSB UI, and tctl commands.
  • Create a Tenant In this section, you're going to create a Tenant within TSB.
  • Create a Workspace In this section, you're going to create a Workspace called bookinfo-ws bound to the bookinfo namespace.
  • Create Config Groups To start configuration for the bookinfo application, create a Gateway Group, a Traffic Group, and a Security Group. Each group provides specific APIs to configure various aspects of the services.
  • Configuring RBAC Permissions In this scenario, you will use the different AccessBindings to configure two RBAC access policies.
  • Ingress Gateway In this scenario, you'll use a Gateway to allow external traffic to your bookinfo application.
  • Traffic Shifting In this scenario, you will use a Service Route to shift traffic from the reviews v1 to reviews v2 service.
  • Security In this scenario, you'll configure communication between services in the same workspace using TSB security settings.