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Version: 1.6.x

East/West Gateway


EastWestGateway is for configuring a gateway to handle east-west traffic of the services that are not exposed through Ingress or Tier1 gateways (internal services). Currently, this is restricted to specifying at Workspace level in WorkspaceSetting.

FieldDescriptionValidation Rule


Specify the gateway workloads (pod labels and Kubernetes namespace) under the gateway group that should be configured with this gateway. There can be only one gateway for a workload selector in a namespace.

message = {
  required: true


List of tetrateio.api.tsb.types.v2.ServiceSelector
Exposed services is used to specify the match criteria to select specific services for internal multicluster routing (east-west routing between clusters). If it is not defined or contains no elements, all the services within the workspace will be exposed to the configured gateway.