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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.6.x

Telemetry Architecture


This page details how to collect telemetry necessary for operating Tetrate Service Bridge, not applications managed by Tetrate Service Bridge.

Tetrate Service Bridge uses the Open Telemetry Collector to simplify metrics collection. A standard deployment includes one in the management plane and one alongside each onboarded control plane. Using the Collector enables Tetrate Service Bridge to simplify telemetry collection per cluster by only requiring operators to scrape a single component, rather than all components.

Collector Architecture

Management Plane

In the management plane there is a component called the collector. It is an aggregator that exposes a single endpoint to scrape all management plane components using Prometheus.

To see the output of this endpoint, it can be queried as follows:

kubectl port-forward -n <managementplane-namespace> svc/otel-collector 9090:9090 &
curl localhost:9090/metrics

Example output:

# Metric from the API server in the management plane.
persistence_transaction_duration_count{component="tsb",plane="management"} 4605

Control Plane

In each control plane there is also a collector that exposes a metrics endpoint for components in its control plane. You can scrape this collector using Prometheus in the same way as the management plane collector.

Open Telemetry collector

Although Open Telemetry collectors can forward metrics to other collectors, TSB does not rely on forwarded metrics in production installations. Instead, we recommend scraping each available collector locally.

To see the output of this endpoint, use the following:

kubectl port-forward -n <controlplane-namespace> svc/otel-collector 9090:9090 &
curl localhost:9090/metrics