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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.7.x

Change The Administrator Password

This document describes how to change the password for the TSB administrator.

The TSB administrator is configured locally in every TSB instance and does not belong to the corporate Identity Provider (IdP). This allows the superuser to be able to log into TSB in case of issues connecting to the Identity Provider in order to do troubleshooting and platform fixes.

Update the secret

Admin credentials are stored in the admin-credentials Kubernetes secret in the Management Plane namespace (tsb by default). It is securely stored as a SHA-256 hash so it cannot be reversed, and it can be modified by directly updating the secret with the SHA-256 for the desired password.

The following example shows how to generate an updated secret that can be later applied:

new_password_shasum=$(echo -n $new_password | shasum -a 256 | awk '{print $1}')
kubectl -n tsb create secret generic admin-credentials --from-literal=admin=$new_password_shasum --dry-run=client -o yaml

This will output the YAML for the secret with the updated password, and it can be applied normally with kubectl.

Once the secret has been updated, the iam deployment pods need to be restarted for changes to be loaded:

kubectl -n tsb rollout restart deployment/iam