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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.7.x


Organization is a root of the Service Bridge object hierarchy. Each organization is completely independent of the other with its own set of tenants, users, teams, clusters and workspaces.

Organizations in TSB are tied to an Identity Provider (IdP). Users and teams, representing the organizational structure, are periodically synchronized from the IdP into TSB in order to make them available for access policy configuration.

The following example creates an organization named myorg.

kind: Organization
name: myorg


Organization is the root of the Service Bridge object hierarchy.

FieldDescriptionValidation Rule


When set, prevents the resource from being deleted. In order to delete the resource this property needs to be set to false first.


Default metadata values that will be propagated to the children Istio generated configurations. When using YAML APIs liketctl or gitops, put them into the metadata.labels or metadata.annotations instead. This field is only necessary when using gRPC APIs directly.