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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.7.x

Data Plane Installation

This chart installs the TSB data plane operator, which is used to manage the lifecycle of gateways such as the Ingress Gateway, Tier-1 Gateway, and Egress Gateway.


If you are using the revisioned control plane, the data plane operator is no longer required for managing Istio gateways. To learn more about the revisioned control plane, see the Istio Isolation Boundaries documentation.


To install the data plane operator, run the following Helm command. Make sure to replace <tsb-version> and <registry-location> with the correct values.

helm install dp tetrate-tsb-helm/dataplane \
--version <tsb-version> \
--namespace istio-gateway --create-namespace \
--set image.registry=<registry-location>


Image configuration

This is a required field. Set image.registry to the location of your private registry where you have synced the TSB images, and set image.tag to the TSB version that you want to deploy.

NameDescriptionDefault value
image.registryRegistry used to download the operator
image.tagThe tag of the operator imagesame as the Chart version

Operator extended configuration

This is an optional field. You can customize TSB operator related resources like the deployment, the service or the service account using the following optional properties:

NameDescriptionDefault value
operator.deployment.affinityAffinity configuration for the pod
operator.deployment.annotationsCustom collection of annotations to add to the deployment
operator.deployment.envCustom collection of environment vars to add to the container
operator.deployment.podAnnotationsCustom collection of annotations to add to the pod
operator.deployment.replicaCountNumber of replicas managed by the deployment
operator.deployment.strategyDeployment strategy to use
operator.deployment.tolerationsToleration collection applying to the pod scheduling
operator.deployment.podSecurityContextSecurityContext properties to apply to the pod
operator.deployment.containerSecurityContextSecurityContext properties to apply to the pod's containers
operator.service.annotationsCustom collection of annotations to add to the service
operator.serviceAccount.annotationsCustom collection of annotations to add to the service account
operator.serviceAccount.imagePullSecretsCollection of secrets names required to be able to pull images from the registry
operator.pullSecretA Docker JSON config string that will be stored as an image pull secret