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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.7.x

Before you continue, make sure you are familiar with Istio Isolation Boundaries feature.


Although the upgrades by default prefer and assume in-place Gateway upgrades, there are two ways you can upgrade Gateways with revisioned control plane and you can control this by setting ENABLE_INPLACE_GATEWAY_UPGRADE variable for XCP component in ControlPlane CR or Helm values file.

  1. ENABLE_INPLACE_GATEWAY_UPGRADE=true is the default behavior. When using in-place gateway upgrade, existing gateway deployment will be patched with new proxy image and will continue using the same gateway service. This means you don't have to make any changes to configure the gateway external IP.
  2. ENABLE_INPLACE_GATEWAY_UPGRADE=false means that a new gateway service and deployment for the canary version will be created, so now there could be two services:
    1. <gateway-name>/<gateway-name>-old which is handling the non-revisioned/old-revisioned control plane workload traffic.
    2. <gateway-name>-1-6-0 which is handling the revisioned control plane workload traffic, a new external IP will be allocated to this newly created <gateway-name>-canary service.

You can control traffic between two versions by using external load balancers or by updating DNS entry.

Since In-place gateway upgrade is default behavior you don't need to change existing ControlPlane CR. To use Canary gateway upgrade, you need to set ENABLE_INPLACE_GATEWAY_UPGRADE to false in xcp component below:

value: "false" # Disable in-place upgrade to create canary deployment and service for gateway
- name: global
- name: 1-6-0

Gateway upgrades are triggered by updating the spec.revision field in the Ingress/Egress/Tier1Gateway resource. With ENABLE_INPLACE_GATEWAY_UPGRADE=false notice that there will be another set of Service/Deployment/other objects for the new revisioned that we are upgrading to. The Gateway upgrade is triggered by updating the spec.revision field in Ingress/Egress/Tier1Gateway resources.

kubectl get deployments -n bookinfo
# Output
tsb-gateway-bookinfo 1/1 1 1 8m12s
tsb-gateway-bookinfo-1-6-0 1/1 1 1 4m19s
kubectl get svc -n bookinfo
# Output
tsb-gateway-bookinfo LoadBalancer 15443:31159/TCP,8080:31789/TCP,...
tsb-gateway-bookinfo-1-6-0 LoadBalancer 15443:31159/TCP,8080:31789/TCP,...