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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.9.x

Data Plane

This page will introduce you to how the TSB Operator is used to manage gateway configurations for the data plane.

The TSB Operator, configured to manage the lifecycle of the data plane gateway components, watches for IngressGateway, Tier1Gateway, and EgressGateway custom resources (CR) in all the namespaces of the cluster. The default namespace for the Data Plane gateway components is istio-gateway. For details about the custom resource API, refer to the Data Plane Install API Reference Docs.

This data plane operator watches for any changes to the Kubernetes resources it creates. When it identifies a watch event (e.g. the deletion of the deployment), it reconciles the change to restore the system to the desired state, i.e. recreating the deleted deployment.

Control Plane required

The TSB Operator managing the data plane gateway components requires a fully operational control plane inside its cluster. This means that there must be a valid TSB Operator that manages the control plane alongside a valid ControlPlane CR.



These are the types of custom components you can configure and manage using the data plane operator:

(istio proxy services as configured by the user in the application namespaces)
(istio proxy deployments as configured by the user in the application namespaces)

In its own namespace, the TSB Operator creates an IstioOperator CR named tsb-gateways and deploys the Istio operator.

By default, the generated IstioOperator CR has the ingressGateway and egressGateway components enabled. All other Istio components are explicitly disabled in the CR. This configuration decouples the lifecycle of gateway upgrades from control plane upgrades.

When users create and deploy IngressGateway, Tier1Gateway, and EgressGateway CRs across the different namespaces in the cluster, the TSB operator will translate these resources and update the IstioOperator CR named tsb-gateways in the data plane gateway components namespace. The Istio operator deployed in this same namespace will then manage the lifecycle of ingress and egress envoy gateways on behalf of the TSB operator. These envoy gateways form the ingress and egress to the services hosted in the TSB service mesh.