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tctl CLI




The config command will setup a profile to interact with TSB


# Configure Cluster
tctl config clusters set ${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME} --bridge-address ${TSB_ADDRESS}

# Setup User Credentials for Cluster
tctl config users set ${USERNAME}-${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME} --org tetrate --username ${USERNAME} --password ${PASSWORD} --tenant ${TENANT} --org ${ORG}

# Cluster and User Binding
tctl config profiles set ${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME}-profile --cluster ${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME} --username ${USERNAME}-${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME}

# Set default profile
tctl config profiles set-current ${TSB_CLUSTER_NAME}-profile


# Login to TSB under specific tenant
tctl login --org tetrate --tenant dev


# obtain version of tctl and tsb
tctl version


The completion will build tab completion scripts

# Bash Example
source <(tctl completion bash)

# Zsh Example
tctl completion zsh > "${fpath[1]}/_tctl"

TSB Configuration


The get command can retrieve configuration from TSB

# List all clusters onboarded to TSB
tctl get clusters

# List of synced users
tctl get users

# Search all resources of kind Tier1gateway for specific tenant
tctl get all --kind Tier1Gateway --tenant tier1

# List all GatewayGroups under specific workspace
tctl get --workspace bookinfo-ws GatewayGroup --tenant tetrate

# Display GatewayGroup configuration under specific workspace
tctl get all --workspace bookinfo-ws --gatewaygroup bookinfo-gg --tenant tetrate


The edit command can edit configuration in TSB

# Setup EDITOR env variable

# Edit gatewaygroup
tctl edit gatewaygroup --workspace bookinfo-ws --gatewaygroup bookinfo-gg


The apply command allows user to push configuration to TSB

# Edit gatewaygroup
tctl apply -f bookinfo-gg.yaml


The status command will provide status of objects applied to TSB

# Get status of a cluster
tctl x status cluster dev-canadaeast-1

# Get status of a configured workspace
tctl experimental status workspace bookinfo-ws --tenant bookinfo

# Get status of a configured IngressGateway
tctl x status ingressgateway bookinfo-productpage --tenant bookinfo --workspace bookinfo-ws --gatewaygroup bookinfo-gg



The install command can be used to get TSB setup and onboard clusters

# Sync Tetrate images with private registry
tctl install image-sync --username ${USERNAME} --apikey ${API_TOKEN} --registry ${PRIVATE_REGISTRY}

# Obtain a list of TSB images
tctl install image-sync --accept-eula --just-print

# Setup ServiceAccount and obtain JWK for new Cluster Onboarding
tctl install cluster-service-account --cluster ${CLUSTER} > cluster-${CLUSTER}-service-account.jwk