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Promote a Service from Development to Production

Need help on what to recommend to Platform Owners and App Owners...


  • Use different Tetrate Workspaces for various tiers of dev/test/production
  • Use split DNS, so that (for example) 'database.myapp.svc.cluster.local' works without modification, but references a different database in each environment
    • Is this possible? Is there a different way to apply runtime-configuration
  • Use different IngressGateways with different security postures (that cannot be overridden / set in the Gateway resource), restricting access
    • For example, on AWS, map dev and test to Internal load balancers, so are not internet accessible, or require unique authentication token for access

Platform Owner: Create workspaces with different security postures

What does the platform owner need to do?

Application Owner: Deploy Service in a Production Workspace

Deploy service. Manage external discovery e.g. DNS