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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.9.x

tctl collect

tctl collect

Collect the state of a Kubernetes cluster for debugging.

tctl collect [flags]


# Collect without any obfuscation or redaction
tctl collect

# Collect without archiving results (useful for local debugging)
tctl collect --disable-archive

# Collect and redact with user-provided regex
tctl collect --redact-regexes <regex-one>,<regex-two>

# Collect and redact with presets
tctl collect --redact-presets networking


      --disable-archive           output files rather than tarball
-h, --help help for collect
-o, --output-directory string the path to write the collected files under (default "tctl-[timestamp]")
--redact-presets strings Comma-separated list of redaction presets to use in collection data obfuscation.
Available presets:
- "networking": Obfuscate any data that matches IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. Any matches are replaced with SHA-256 hashes that are converted back to a valid IPv4 or IPv6.
--redact-regexes strings Obfuscate the data collected based on the list of provided regexes. Any matches are replaced with SHA-256 hashes of the matched string.
--rps-limit int Requests per second limit to the Kubernetes API server, defaults to 50. A higher limit can make collect run faster. (default 50)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string               Path to the config file to use. Can also be
specified via TCTL_CONFIG env variable. This flag
takes precedence over the env variable.
--debug Print debug messages for all requests and responses
--disable-tctl-version-warn If set, disable the outdated tctl version warning. Can also be
specified via TCTL_DISABLE_VERSION_WARN env variable.
-p, --profile string Use specific profile (default "default")