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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.9.x

Feature Status

The following table shows existing TSB features and their current phases. This table will be updated every major or minor release.

tctl installStableNYN
Helm installStableNNN
Istio isolation boundariesStableNNN
Users & Access
Automatic synchronization of users & teams from LDAPStableYYY
Automatic synchronization of users & teams from Azure ADStableYYY
SSO with OIDCStableYYY
Config GroupsStableYYY
Configuring Bridged Mode - TrafficStableYYY
Configuring Bridged Mode - SecurityStableYYY
Configuring Bridged Mode - GatewayStableYYY
Configuring Direct Mode - TrafficStableYYY
Configuring Direct Mode - SecurityStableYYY
Configuring Direct Mode - GatewayStableYYY
Configuring Direct Mode - IstioInternalStableYYY
Tier 1 GatewayStableYYY
Ingress Gateway (Tier 2)StableYYY
Unified GatewayStableYYY
EastWest GatewayBetaYYY
Egress GatewayStableYYY
TCP TrafficBetaYYY
Config Status PropagationStableYYY
GitOps/Kubernetes CRDBetaYNN
Hierarchical PoliciesStableYYY
Restricted Hierarchical PoliciesStableYYY
Allow/Deny RulesBetaYYY
Security DomainAlphaYYY
Service Security SettingsStableYYY
Identity PropagationStableYYY
Network Policy RecommendationsAlphaNNN
Network Reachability SettingsStableYYY
Upstream Traffic SettingsBetaYYY
Configuring API with OpenAPI SpecBetaYYY
API Gateway
Rate limitStableYYY
External authorizationStableYYY
WASM ExtensionsStableYYY
Service MetricsStableNNY
Service TopologyStableNNY
Service TracingStableNNY
Service Registry
Kubernetes servicesStableNYY
Istio ServiceEntriesBetaNYY
VM Workloads
tctl based VM OnboardingStableNYN
Workload Onboarding for EC2StableNYN
Workload Onboarding for On-Premise workloadBetaNYN
Workload Onboarding for ECSBetaNYN

Feature Phase Definitions

The following table defines maturity phase of TSB features.

StagesAlpha (Technical Preview)BetaStable
FeaturesMay not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.Feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.Feature complete with no known bugs.
Production usageShould not be used in production.Usable in production.Dependable, production hardened.
APINo guarantees on backward compatibility.APIs are versioned.Dependable, production-worthy. APIs are versioned, with automated version conversion for backward compatibility.
PerformanceNot quantified or guaranteed.Not quantified or guaranteed.Performance (latency/scale) is quantified, documented, with guarantees against regression.
DocumentationLack of documentation.Documented.Documented with use cases.
EnvironmentTested on single environment (EKS or GKE only).Tested on at least two environments. (EKS, GKE, OpenShift)Well tested on multiple environments. (AKS, EKS, GKE, MKE, OpenShift)
MonitoringNot all important metrics available.Most of important metrics are available.All of important metrics are available.