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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.9.x

Installing the Bookinfo Example

In order to demonstrate how a workload deployed outside of Kubernetes integrates with the rest of the mesh, we need to have some other application(s) it could communicate with.

For the purposes of this guide, you need to deploy Istio Bookinfo example.

into your Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy Bookinfo example

Create the namespace bookinfo, and add the proper labels:

kubectl create namespace bookinfo
kubectl label namespace bookinfo istio-injection=enabled

Deploy the bookinfo application:

cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -n bookinfo -f -
kind: PeerAuthentication
name: default
mode: STRICT

kubectl apply -n bookinfo -f

kubectl wait --for=condition=Available -n bookinfo deployments --all

In order to send requests into the bookinfo product page from your local environment, you will need to set up port forwarding.

Run the following command in a separate terminal session:

kubectl port-forward -n bookinfo service/productpage 9080

The product page will become accessible on http://localhost:9080. To verify the product page visually, open http://localhost:9080/productpage in a browser. If you refresh the page multiple times, 2 out of 3 times you should see rating stars on the page.

Alternatively, to verify from the command line, run:

for i in `seq 1 9`; do
curl -fsS "http://localhost:9080/productpage?u=normal" | grep "glyphicon-star" | wc -l | awk '{print $1" stars on the page"}'

2 out of 3 times you should get a message 10 stars on the page:

10 stars on the page
0 stars on the page
10 stars on the page

Scale the ratings Application Down

In this guide you will deploy the ratings application through the VM via Workload Onboarding. In order to do this we must first "disable" the default ratings application deployed with the bookinfo sample.

Run the following commands and scale down the ratings application down to 0 replicas:

kubectl scale deployment ratings-v1 -n bookinfo --replicas=0

kubectl wait --for=condition=Available -n bookinfo deployment/ratings-v1

To verify that the ratings application has been scaled down and no longer appears on the product page, follow the instructions in the previous section and access the product page. Two out of three times you should see the message Ratings service is currently unavailable.