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Tetrate Service Express Control Plane configuration

The Tetrate Service Express (TSE) Control Plane is comprised of a set of containers, running in the istio-system namespace in each onboarded Workload Cluster.

Configuration is defined by a custom resource of type ControlPlane, named controlplane:

kubectl get controlplane -n istio-system -o yaml

You can edit the Control Plane configuration as follows:

kubectl edit controlplane controlplane -n istio-system

Any changes are detected by the various operator operators in the istio-system namespace and are applied.

When you make the changes, wait until everything is applied. You should see no permanent errors in the tsb-operator-control-plane and xcp-operator-edge pods.

Control Plane configuration

The Control Plane settings are documented in the TSE Reference Guide. Please refer to Tetrate support before changing any of these settings.