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The TSE Admin Account

The TSE admin tse account is built-in to Tetrate Service Express. In a production deployment, you will most likely want to reserve this account for essential admin tasks, and to link TSE to an external LDAP provider for regular user accounts. You'll fall back to the tse account if the LDAP integration were to fail for any reason.

Managing the TSE Admin Account

The default TSE admin username and password are tse : tse. You should change the password promptly to secure this account.

new_password_shasum=$(echo -n $new_password | shasum -a 256 | awk '{print $1}')

# display user and sha256 password hash
kubectl -n tse create secret generic local-user-credentials --from-literal=tse=$new_password_shasum --dry-run=client -o yaml

# create and apply the new configuration
kubectl -n tse create secret generic local-user-credentials --from-literal=tse=$new_password_shasum --dry-run=client -o yaml > local-user-credentials.yaml
kubectl apply -n tse -f local-user-credentials.yaml

# restart the IAM service
kubectl -n tse rollout restart deployment/iam

If you change the login credentials, you may need to update the tctl configuration if it uses the tse account.

tctl config users set tse --username tse --password "MyNewPassword" --org "tse" --tenant "tse"