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Installation Tools

The TSE installation process requires several installation tools. In this page, you will find:


tctl is a helper tool used to manage TSE software images, and to apply TSE configuration from the command line.

Use curl to download the binary, grant permissions to execute and place it somewhere in your $PATH.

mkdir -p ~/.tctl/bin
curl -Lo ~/.tctl/bin/tctl
chmod +x ~/.tctl/bin/tctl
export PATH=$PATH:~/.tctl/bin

Or with wget:

mkdir -p ~/.tctl/bin
wget -q -O ~/.tctl/bin/tctl
chmod +x ~/.tctl/bin/tctl
export PATH=$PATH:~/.tctl/bin
Check the tctl version

The version of tctl must match the version of TSE that you wish to install. Check your tctl version:

tctl version

Expect output resembling:

TCTL version: 1.8.0+tse
TSB version: <connection not configured>

Additional Tools

In addition to tctl, you will need the following software tools to install and manage TSE:

  • Docker client (not needed for Marketplace installs)
  • aws CLI client
  • eksctl
  • kubectl
  • helm