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TSE Software Images

You will need to obtain access to the TSE software images. You can either:

  • Option 1: Copy the software images from Tetrate's registry, using a username and apiKey provided by Tetrate
  • Option 2: Subscribe to the TSE images in the AWS Marketplace

Follow either Option 1 or Option 2 to obtain the images.

Copy the Images from Tetrate's registry

The TSE software components are located in a Tetrate registry, and you will need to copy them to your own private registry. Please contact sales to obtain an API key to access the Tetrate registry.

  1. Before you begin

    Ensure that you have:

    Important Note

    Check the tctl version

    The version of tctl must match the version of TSE that you wish to install. Check your tctl version:

    $ tctl version
    TCTL version: 1.8.0+tse
    TSB version: <connection not configured>
  2. Prepare your Target Registry

    tctl will use a docker login to copy the images to your own target registry. You can use any registry, and the following instructions will assume you are using Amazon ECR. You should use an ECR registry that is located in the same AWS zone as the EKS cluster you intend to install into.

    Export the name of your target registry:

    export HUB=${ACCOUNT}.dkr.ecr.${REGION}${EKS_CLUSTER_NAME}

    For example, if your AWS account ID is 901234567890, and you plan to install into a cluster named my-tse located in us-east-1, your registry address will be:

    Configure your local docker client to authenticate to this registry.

    How to configure Docker and Amazon ECR

    For example, with an Amazon ECR registry (full instructions):

    1. Install the aws cli package

    2. Add the AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryFullAccess role to a suitable IAM user, and obtain the access key and secret access key for that user

    3. Authenticate the aws client with that IAM user:

      aws configure
      # AWS Access Key ID [None]: AKIA1234567890ABCDEF
      # AWS Secret Access Key [None]: ZDQxZDhjZDk4ZjAwYjIwNGU5ODAwOTk4ZWNmODQyN2UK
      # Default region name [None]: us-east-1
      # Default output format [None]: json
    4. Get the ECR password and provide it to the docker client:

      aws ecr get-login-password --region us-east-1 | docker login --username AWS --password-stdin ${HUB}
  3. Sync the Images

    Sync the images from the Tetrate private repository to your chosen target repository $HUB. Use the username and apikey provided by your Tetrate contact:

    tctl install image-sync --username <username> --apikey <apikey> --registry ${HUB}

    If you encounter errors when attempting to sync the images, please check the following steps:

    1. Are you using the correct version of tctl?

    Check that the tctl version corresponds to the version of TSE that you intend to install:

    $ tctl version
      TCTL version: 1.8.0+tse
      TSB version: <connection not configured>
    1. Are your credentials valid?

    Credentials issued by Tetrate have an expiry date; for example, credentials issued for evaluations are typically valid for 30 days. Check the documentation provided by your Tetrate contact.

    1. Can you authenticate to the Tetrate private registry?
    # Login to the Docker repository using the username and apikey
    docker login

    # List the docker images
    tctl install image-sync --just-print
    1. Can you pull an image from the Tetrate private registry?

    This test assumes you have a local Docker repository:

    IMAGE=`tctl install image-sync --just-print | head -1`
    docker pull ${IMAGE}
    1. Can you push an image to your target registry ${HUB}?
    # Select a local image to tag and push (select IMAGEID and IMAGENAME)
    docker images

    # Tag the image
    docker tag ${IMAGEID} ${HUB}/${IMAGENAME}

    # Push the image to ${HUB}
    docker push ${HUB}/${IMAGENAME}

You can now proceed to install the software images.