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Upgrading Tetrate Service Express

To upgrade Tetrate Service Express (TSE) to a later version:

  1. Update the images in your private registry

    Follow the installation tools instructions:

    • Update tctl to the intended version
    • Copy the images to your private registry using tctl image-sync.
    Where's my private registry?

    By default, the upgrade process will look for images in the registry where the software was originally installed from. You can find this location by running the following command against your Management Cluster:

    helm get values tse-mp -n tse

    You can use a new registry location for the upgrade binaries if necessary. You will need to manually update the mp-values.yaml and cp-values.yaml files below to update the registry and hub values.

  2. Update the TSE helm chart repo

    helm repo add tse
    helm repo update
  3. Upgrade the Management Plane

    TSE maintains daily backups of the core configuration. Out of caution, you may want to take a manual backup before performing the upgrade.

    helm get values tse-mp -n tse > mp-values.yaml
     helm upgrade tse-mp tse/managementplane \
       --version 1.8.0+tse \
       -n tse -f mp-values.yaml
  4. Upgrade each Control Plane

    helm get values tse-cp -n istio-system > cp-values.yaml
     helm upgrade tse-cp tse/controlplane \
       --version 1.8.0+tse \
       -n istio-system -f cp-values.yaml