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Advanced Integrations with TSE and VPC Lattice

Additional configurations to integrate TSE and VPC Lattice

Now you understand how to expose TSE-hosted Services to a local Lattice Service Network, and how to expose Lattice-hosted Services to a local TSE EKS cluster, you can use TSE to enable more advanced use cases.

Feature Status: Experimental

Lattice Integration is currently released as an early preview of the capability. Please provide feedback, but do not rely on this feature in a production environment.

Managing Ingress Traffic into a Lattice Service Network

You can use TSE to handle ingress traffic, such as from Internet-based sources. TSE can then forward certain requests to services located on the Lattice Service Network.

Cross-Region Lattice Service Networks

Each Lattice Service Network is confined to a single region. With TSE, you can peer multiple Service Networks together using a TSE service mesh, and the mesh can span different AWS regions. This makes it possible to peer Lattice Service Networks across two or more AWS regions.