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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.5.x

TSB Support Policy

TSB Releases explained

TSB follows a semantic versioning model based on This means we use a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version numbering style (e.g. v1.4.0).

This model describes that:

  1. MAJOR version is incremented when incompatible API changes are made.
  2. MINOR version is incremented when new features are added.
  3. PATCH version is incremented when bug and security fixes are handled.

TSB Release Cadence and Support

TSB has a quarterly release schedule in which at least a new MINOR (v1.x.0) is released.

Each release of a new MINOR falls under the Long Term Support (LTS) policy, in which Tetrate provides support starting from the official General Availability (GA) release date of the MINOR release, to the End of General Support (EoGS) set to 12 months after GA or N-2 (two versions prior to the latest TSB version), whichever is longer. Any release after EOGS will not be supported unless extended support has been arranged with Tetrate prior to the EoGS date.

During the release's support window, bug and security fixes will be provided for each eligible MINOR version, through the use of PATCH releases (e.g. v1.x.1). A new PATCH release does not reset the support lifetime duration, as it is tied to the initial MINOR release. Patch releases include fixes for TSB specific components, as well as patch fixes for its open source components like Envoy, Istio, SkyWalking, and Zipkin.

TSB Release Candidate versions

Next to the LTS versions, Tetrate can make interim "release candidate" versions available. These interim versions provide early access to new features to try out and test.

Release Candidates

Release candidate versions are not meant for production usage and even in non production we strongly encourage you to understand that there might be bugs that are either described in the preliminary release notes, or are not yet known. Also note that, new features might not be fully completed and documented yet.

If interested in testing a release candidate, do not hesitate to contact your Tetrate representative for the context around the specific release candidate. Customers testing release candidate versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the next LTS version as soon as available.

In LTS support lifetime, Tetrate will supply patches, security fixes for its components, and the underlying OSS dependencies as described in our component matrix.

Features are not back ported, please see the release notes and the feature status documents for released features.

TSB EoGS dates based on planned upcoming releases

TSB VersionGeneral AvailabilityEoGS*
TSB v1.5.x15 July, 202222 December, 2023
TSB v1.4.x1 November, 202131 October, 2022
TSB v1.3.x1 June, 202131 May, 2022
TSB v1.2.x1 May, 202130 April, 2022
TSB v1.1.x1 April, 202131 March, 2022
TSB v1.0.x1 March, 202128 February, 2022

*End of General Support

TSB Component Version Matrix

Tetrate Service Bridge comes with the following open source components

TSBIstioEnvoySkyWalkingZipkinCert ManagerOpenTelemetry Collector

Kubernetes versions

Tetrate follows Istio's policy of maintaining N-2 (current major release version plus 2 versions before it) compatibility model at minimum and N-more when possible.

For further details on Istio's compatibility policy refer to this RFC

Fortunately, upstream Kubernetes hasn't forced either Istio nor Tetrate to limit the compatibility to just N-2. Thus, the following TSB/Kubernetes compatibility matrix as of Q2 2022 holds true:

TSB 1.2TSB 1.3TSB 1.4TSB 1.5
Kubernetes 1.18
Kubernetes 1.19✓*
Kubernetes 1.20✓*
Kubernetes 1.21--✓**
Kubernetes 1.22---
Kubernetes 1.23---
  • *Upstream Istio 1.7 is not tested officially with Kubernetes 1.19. However, in this case Tetrate finds it possible to provide temporary workarounds
  • **Upstream Istio 1.9 is not tested officially with Kubernetes 1.21. However, in this case Tetrate finds it possible to provide temporary workarounds

OpenShift versions

Following is TSB/OpenShift compatibility matrix as of Q2 2022:

TSB 1.2TSB 1.3TSB 1.4TSB 1.5
OpenShift 4.6
OpenShift 4.7
OpenShift 4.8
OpenShift 4.9
OpenShift 4.10