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logoTetrate Service BridgeVersion: 1.5.x

Sidecar RED Metrics


By default OAP in the Control Plane does not expose RED metrics. To expose RED telemetry, set environment variable SW_EXPORTER_ENABLE_OC=true when starting OAP.

TSB provides a single Prometheus-compatible endpoint to expose sidecar-originated RED application metrics via the OAP service. Each control plane cluster exposes a Prometheus-scraping endpoint to query with the following command:

kubectl port-forward -n <controlplane-namespace> svc/oap 1234:1234 &
curl localhost:1234/metrics -H "X-B3-Sampled: 1"

Exported RED metrics include:

Request status codes

# HELP tsb_oap_service_status_code The number of status code
# TYPE tsb_oap_service_status_code counter
tsb_oap_service_status_code{status="<STATUS|ALL>",svc="SERVICE_NAME",} COUNT

Request latency

# HELP tsb_oap_service_latency_sum The sum of latency
# TYPE tsb_oap_service_latency_sum counter
tsb_oap_service_latency_sum{svc="SERVICE_NAME",} SUM
# HELP tsb_oap_service_latency_count The number of requests
# TYPE tsb_oap_service_latency_count counter
tsb_oap_service_latency_count{svc="SERVICE_NAME",} COUNT