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Tetrate Service Bridge 1.9

Introducing Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) version 1.9.0 – the newest advancement in application connectivity platforms. TSB remains at the forefront, offering a complete solution to effortlessly connect services across various Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and bare-metal workloads, further refining the landscape of application connectivity.

Building upon the success of the 1.8 release, TSB 1.9.0 reaches a milestone by introducing the General Availability (GA) of UnifiedGateway by introducing a single Gateway resource for all use-cases like Ingress, Egress & EastWest and also introducing GA of IdentityPropagation by significant improvement in multi cluster access control policies and their rollout. This significant advancement enhances multi cluster connectivity, security, observability & network isolation for the enterprise applications. This not only streamlines administrative tasks but also facilitates scalable operations with unparalleled efficiency.

New Features and Improvements

  • Identity Propagation Now GA:

    • Ability to rollout IdentityPropagation feature enablement in a multi cluster setup seamlessly without impacting existing security policies and live traffic.
    • Ability to configure multi cluster access control policies and validate the identity of each request through the gateway hops using internal WASM plugins.
  • UnifiedGateway now GA:

  • Priority based Multi-cluster Routing and Failover

    • Ability to configure traffic management, prioritizing local cluster traffic over locality-based load balancing and failover using topologyChoice for multi-cluster workloads.
    • Ability to enhance fault tolerance and resilience against regional failures by configuring global traffic distribution through defining fault domains using failoverPriority.
  • Flagger APIs Support in TSB:

    • Ability to configure TSB ServiceRoute API with FlaggerDestination to work in conjunction with Flagger Canary Resource.
    • Ability to delegate canary progressive delivery automation to Flagger via TSB ServiceRoute API.
  • Upstream Traffic Settings:

    • Ability to configure resiliencey and loadBalancer settings for individual or group of services/hostnames.
  • Fault Injection:

    • Ability to configure faultInjection settings while forwarding HTTP requests to the destination specified in a route.
  • Traffic Mirroring:

    • Ability to configure http traffic mirroring to specify the destinations to mirror HTTP traffic in addition to the original destination.
  • Audit logs periodical cleanup:

    • Introduced AuditLogsCleanupRetention field in dataStore under the ManagementPlane resource spec, to periodically clean up audit logs older than the specified duration.
  • GitOps:

    • Ability to sync TSB configurations as kubernetes CRs asynchronously by enabling gitOps.
    • Ability to configure health checks to monitor the resource readiness while using FluxCD.
  • Embedded Elasticsearch & Postgres:

    • Starting from TSB version 1.9.0, Managementplane CR can be configured to use the embedded ES & Postgres which will be managed by TSB.
  • Multiple UI improvements: We have made several UI improvements to enhance user experience, including:

    • Enhanced Topology UI:
      • Introduced Refresh & Auto Refreshed buttons next to topology buttons for user interactions.
      • Introduced Zoom in/Zoom out control for better precision.
      • Re-positioned topology filter menu to the left panel to maximise use of screen real estate.
    • Enhanced Config Status UI: Improved overall debuggability of TSB config status and config propagation.

Additional Enhancement

Refer to TSB 1.9 Release Notes for complete list of additional improvements in TSB 1.9

Get Started with Tetrate Service Bridge

To get started with Tetrate Service Bridge:

Don't hesitate to reach out to your Tetrate support contact if you have any questions.