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Introducing Tetrate Istio Distro

Tetrate Istio Distro (TID) is an open source project from Tetrate that provides vetted builds of Istio tested against all major cloud platforms.

The Tetrate Istio Distro Istio distributions are hardened and performant, and are full distributions of the upstream Istio project.

Why use Tetrate Istio Distro?

Users of Tetrate Istio Distro benefit from:

  • Tetrate Istio distributions: whenever you need an Istio distribution that is tested for use in AWS, Azure, GCP or vanilla Kubernetes;
  • Support from the Tetrate Community: our community slack channels are managed by Tetrate experts who actively participate in the Istio and Envoy projects

What Istio distributions are available?

The Istio distributions managed by Tetrate Istio Distro include:

  • Community Istio distributions - Istio binaries taken directly from the community Istio project
  • Tetrate Istio distributions - based on the community project, the Tetrate binaries benefit from longer maintenance windows and additional release testing.

What environments are supported?

Tetrate Istio Distro can install and manage Istio on a range of Kubernetes platforms. Tetrate tests Istio builds on vanilla Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE:

Components of Tetrate Istio Distro

Tetrate Istio distributions

The Istio release schedule can be very aggressive for enterprise lifecycle and change management practices. Releases are issued approximately quarterly. Each release is typically maintained for 7 months, after which it no longer receives any security updates.

The Tetrate-provided Istio distributions are rigorously tested against multiple different Kubernetes distributions to ensure continual functional integrity and smooth upgrade experiences.

For a complete list of the currently-supported Istio versions and the associated Kubernetes versions, refer to the support table on the Support and Maintenance document.