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Config Analyzer

The Config Analyzer validates the Istio configuration against established best practices. The Config Analyzer provides information about the configuration issues detected in the service mesh and recommendations to optimize the configuration. The Config Analyzer is used to ensure that your Istio service mesh is configured correctly and efficiently.

Config Analyzer Page

The Config Analyzer page show a list of configuration issues detected in the Istio service mesh.

validation list Detected Istio configuration issues from multiple Istio clusters

Config analysis details shows explanation of the detected configuration issues and recommendations to fix the configuration. It also shows highlighted yaml of the invalid config.

validation detail Detail of the invalid config
validation detail yaml Highlighted yaml of the invalid config

On Demand Config Analysis

The Config Analyzer provides an option to run the configuration analysis on demand. The on-demand analysis can be triggered by clicking the Validate button on the Config Analyzer page.

Upload the Istio configuration yaml file to validate the configuration against specific target cluster. You can use this to validate configuration before applying to the cluster.

validation detail yaml On demand config analysis