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Integrating with Amazon VPC Lattice

Amazon VPC Lattice is an AWS service that makes it easier to connect disparate VPCs (networks and accounts) and publish services in one VPC that can be discovered and consumed from clients in another.

Workloads that are published on one of the VPC networks can be discovered and reached from another network using consistent DNS names; Lattice describes this as a 'Service Network'. Lattice maintains a service registry that identifies the location of each workload, and maintains a series of proxies to manage hops from one VPC network to another.

Feature Status: Experimental

Lattice Integration is currently released as an early preview of the capability. Please provide feedback, but do not rely on this feature in a production environment.

Using VPC Lattice with EKS

Tetrate Service Express makes it easy to unite your Lattice Service Networks with the TSE service mesh that spans your EKS clusters. Clients in a Lattice Service Network can discover and consume services in a local or remote EKS cluster, and clients in an EKS cluster can discover and consume services in local or remote (cross-region) Service Networks. You can even use the TSE service mesh to connect two Lattice Service Networks on different AWS regions.

There are two basic use cases met by the integration:

The integration is enabled using TSE's AWS Controller service, which is not enabled by default.

  • For the first use case (expose an EKS service into Lattice), the AWS Controller should be enabled on the Workload Cluster that hosts the service to be exposed
  • For the second use case (expose a Lattice service into EKS), the AWS Controller should be enabled on the TSE Management Plane Cluster