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Getting Started with Tetrate Service Express

This 'Getting Started' guide will walk though a set of common use cases with Tetrate Service Express (TSE). The guide is aimed at the Platform Owner, who manages EKS and other platforms for an organization's applications.

The guide should give you a clear idea of how TSE can assist your app teams to deploy applications into an environment that is secure, highly-available and scalable across multiple AWS regions.

Getting-Started Exercises

  1. Deploy an Application into a TSE-managed Cluster

    How to deploy an application into a TSE-managed cluster.

  2. Enforce Encryption with Mutual TLS

    How to require Mutual TLS for all services in the TSE-managed cluster

  3. A Zero-Trust Security Policy

    How to apply a 'deny-all-by-default' Zero-Trust Security Policy to your Workspaces

  4. Publish a Service

    Expose a service to external traffic using Ingress Gateway, Amazon LB and Route 53

  5. Publish an API

    Publish an API from the OAS description

  6. Cross-Cluster Communications

    Access a service running in a remote EKS cluster

  7. Cross-Cluster Failover for Internal Services

    Use TSE's East-West Gateway to fail services over across clusters

  8. High Availability with Route 53

    Achieve high-availability with multiple EKS clusters and Route 53

  9. Observe Metrics, Logs and Traces

    Observe Telemetry - Metrics, Logs and Traces - in the TSE UI

Additional Topics

When you deploy TSE into production, you will want to integrate it fully into your existing Application Developer workflow: